The Best Way to Learn SQL

If you’re looking to advance your career as a database developer, administrator or analyst, SQL (Structured Query Language) skills are a necessity. Being proficient in SQL enables you to develop and maintain complex database and information solutions – highly demanded skills in 2019. Still, you might be wondering: Is it difficult to learn SQL? The answer? It […]

Mind-Blowing Mobile Marketing Statistics For 2019

It only took five years since the inception of the first iPhone for mobile web traffic to surpass desktop traffic. Since then, smartphone usage has continued to skyrocket, proving the world we live in is now officially a mobile one. To not only exist but thrive in today’s mobile world, every business and marketer should […]

How to Become a Full-Stack Developer?

So, you want to know the full stack developer skills. On the other hand, businesses too love to hire full stack developers. Moreover, you know, that any trade has its own skills. Therefore, you cannot master the trade unless you master the skills. Likewise, what skills should you have or develop to become a Full […]

What are the Skills Needed to Develop Android Apps?

Your development skills as a web developer are much sought after in the Android development world. Especially the skills needed to develop android apps. Comparatively, good web design techniques are also in high demand in Android applications. Therefore learning Android Apps skills will be a boon in the job market.   This article points out […]

What are the Skills Required for Cloud Computing?

Of course, we all know that the internet enjoys a powerful position in contemporary society. In addition to making our life easy, it has also opened doors to a whole lot of job opportunities. Cloud computing is one such field. There is an increase in the demand for the professionals who possess the necessary skills […]

Upcoming Trends in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is creating an impact on our everyday lives. Moreover, future artificial intelligence trends will make our personal lives much easier. However, it doesn’t stop in our homes. Businesses too are inventing new ways with AI to engage customers, make processes easier and drive sales. Furthermore, you must have noticed the popularity and effectiveness of AI-powered chatbots in recent years. Besides, how […]

How to Build and Market Successful eCommerce Websites?

To get ideas on what to sell, you can look up what’s already selling or see if there’s the possibility to intersect the idea with a mass market. Let me mention a few free and paid tools to research for what’s selling, Free Tools Some of the free tools are, Google Trends This helps you […]

Web Design Trends of 2019

1: Mobile-First Google rolled out mobile-first indexing in 2018, which is based on prioritizing content and links from mobile website pages. The initiative will be carried over to 2019, requiring web designers to give priority to the mobile version of websites. Moreover, SEO is not the only factor that dictates the priority of web design. […]

Which is best Angular/React/ Vue.js

Which is the Best Choice for 2019? ( Angular Vs React Vs Vue In 2019, it is impractical to imagine web development without HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Javascript is the soul of front-end development of web apps. If you have landed on this page, I assume that you are confused between the different frameworks & […]

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